Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Light of a Boy

In the light of a boy there is no room for darkness.

I have never met her but I think of her every day.  Not far from here, there is a mama who lost her gorgeous son to a horrific accident last week. I have not been able to shake them from my thoughts ever since.  I don't want to.  His name is Jack and he is every bit as handsome as a boy named Jack should be.  This mama has a blog and she writes about him here.  You will not be able to keep your composure so enter there at your own risk.  The whole thing still makes me shake my fist at the sky in fury.  It is just not right.  It just needs to be undone somehow, you will think.  No mama should have to be without her child. The fact that this mama has to be without this boy is just something too overwhelmingly cruel to comprehend.  It's not for mortals to get, I guess.

I think of her.  I leave my own family at night to drive the streets and bawl my eyes out in the privacy of my own car for her.  I curse dirty words at my steering wheel for her and her husband and her sweet lovely little girl whose heart is missing the other half that is her brother.

May they all feel his presence as they speak his name.  May they know the weight of his kiss as they close their eyes to be with him again.  May they feel the warm light of him all around them as they beg the God who took him to share him just a little bit until they can be together again.  God Bless this family and this beautiful little boy named Jack who is missed by people who never even met him but somehow love him anyway.


Andy said...

I wouldn't know how to move on from that. My heart is smashed in a million pieces for that family. Makes me just want to hold on to my little ladies forever. Serves as a great reminder of what's really important in this life...

Holly said...

Oh Erin this is so sad. I will keep the family in my prayers. You sure have been through a lot this week haven't you?