Monday, September 26, 2011


We have been busy around this place getting ready for the fall.  Mostly we have been visiting pumpkin patches in the parking lots of malls and buying out their wares.  Then we come home and turn the pumpkins into works of art:  traditional and post modern.  Here's a few of the mentionables:

Number One:  Pooh Bear...Labor of Love between father and son.  It is the sweetest thing I've seen all year.  I bring it inside to the garage to tuck it in safely at night.

Number two:  Mini Marilyn Monroe or possibly Marilyn Manson, however you see it.  I went for cute but got disturbing at best.  Abby loves it and that's all we care about or so I tell myself every time I see that pitiful excuse for a carving.  Oh, what could have been had I just traced first!  Or used buttons and my trusty glue gun.  Nothing good can come from a woman wielding a pumpkin saw past 4pm, nothing.  I will be deferring all future pumpkin carvings to my husband for sure.


Here's what happens when you give Grayson permission to paint while you relax on the couch for a few minutes.  He did an amazing job mixing paints to come up with colors I wish I would've saved instead of threw down the sink.  Parental fail.  Next time, we will save it and patent the beestung purple.

Finally, we have the au natural Halloween decor up and in full swing too.

Pop found this praying mantis with jacked up eyes and crooked smile.  One of her kids hitchiked a ride to Giant the other day on our windshield.  We hope it doesn't eat human eyelids for a good time.

This beautiful orb spider was working hard at her web for three days.  She put on the greatest show for us when we got over the fact that she could also eat our eyelids for sh*ts and giggles.


Creepy Marilyn sends her love.  Through her freakishly large mouth hole.

Happy Halloweenin', you guys!

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