Friday, April 15, 2011

In Bloom

We caught up with a dear friend yesterday. She took us to a sprawling garden with flowers (pictured), sunshine (pictured) and bugs with tiger striped legs I may have maimed with my juicebox while swatting off my shoulder (not pictured, darnit.)

(Abby took these photos. Kids are tons better with this camera than I am. Great perspective. Not boring in the least. Just like them.)

Sadie always stops to smell the flowers.

Then we walked down to a stream where there was maximum potential for rock skipping.

Or shotputting if you're Abby.

And oh! We narrowly escaped disaster!

Someone foxnapped Foxy Loxy.

And we almost left him behind.

But the sleuth dog found him nose down in the rubble (poor dear) and he was saved...again.

While I collected Abby, Foxy Loxy, and my senses, I looked up to see a pretty cool moment between friends.

And there was room for little sister too which was very nice.

Finally, on our last stretch toward home, we came across this pond, some curious fish (score for Grayson!), a gazebo (score, me!), a sunning turtle and a quick respite for Sadie who had given in to my self righteous demands of not pulling my arm from its socket.

(Me playing with the camera lens. Now you see the fountain, now you don't.)

Wee turtle scarcely visible so click and click again to see him at the tanning bed on shore.

Grayson enjoying a little impromptu freedom.

Abby too.

We ended our outing with Grayson stalking this goose who was more than happy to see us leave.

A glorious day for sure. Even though the adults did not complete one adult sentence, it was exactly what we needed.

An afternoon in the sun with the trees amongst friends.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of the simple pleasures in life too few of us ever stop to enjoy. And it's free.

One Sided Momma said...

thank you, anonymous!

turns out most things worth doing and seeing happen to cost next to nothing other than maybe a hot chocolate on the ride home (for me) :)