Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Up

Feels like it's been awhile since we last chatted.

Let's get caught up over a couple of drinks, shall we?

Well, as usual we've been recovering from this or that sickness. Some viruses that are not heeding their eviction notice. I will give them one more week and then the moving trucks are coming in...

Then there was this one day I got tired of being frumpy and got a little red peek-a-boo highlighting in my hair. It's only in the back and barely visible with my hair down. Too subtle, honestly so I'm going back soon to add a few more strips of red here and there for more flavor. The thing I love so much though is rocking an interesting ponytail. Since that's my major trademark style (read: I don't sleep and showering in the morning comes second to that) it's fun to catch a glimpse of the red when my hair is pulled back. I know, so sad that I consider that fun but I do. Here's a little shot of me getting some sugar from my boy. This is lawn mowing sweaty hair but at least you can sneak a peek of the red underneath.

Soon after that, Abby became a princess.

And a mommy.

A really great mommy.

*I swear we wear clothes in this house. Sometimes. :)

And for Easter, the hubs sent this adorable pudding potted baking set to do with kids. They tore into the box like hungry marmosets and were quick to help me clean up all the packing peanuts. As illustrated here:

Oh, yes. Big helpers they were. Especially Mary Lou back there doing a headstand.

We chose to make the pudding pots when a big rainstorm knocked out our power for four hours. Notice, the lantern? I have to admit it was fun to be without power this time around. This photo was taken right after our bath by flashlights, light sabers and Glo-worms.

Finally, it's spring enough outside that our grass is a small tundra like ecosystem where the antelopes roam. The mowing needed to happen.

And so did this lawn heart.

We are so easily amused around here.

Balloons are still numero uno in entertainment value though, no matter how many hearts mommy carves into our lawn.

(This one reminds me of my belly.)

Lastly, we got word that hubs will probably be extended for at least one week. Overall not a huge deal. Slight bummer of course but one week will come in handy when I'm figuring out exactly how I'm going to accessorize this!

(What you may not be able to see is the birds are donning top hats and bow ties. I KNOW!)

Oh yeah. Not much longer now, Papa Smurf. Not much longer now.


Jessica - This is Worthwhile said...

Jeeez, your kids are precious. Especially Mary Lou haha I also love that dress - it's like a Cinderella dress because don't all the animals in that movie wear clothes of some kind?? Or have I completely lost my mind?

Also, very glad your reunion is imminent :)

Cristie Ritz King, M. Ed said...

I totally did the same red thing a few years ago when I was still in MD. My hair guy talked me into it and I thought I was sassy! It was like cute lingerie when you were young and hot-no one might ever know you're wearing it but you feel that much naughtier and sexy for it.;) Rock the red girl.

JRitz said...

Welcome back. Love all the pictures but than again you have amazing subjects to work with.