Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The day may have started with me preheating a plastic purple Easter egg at 350 degrees for fifteen minutes but it did not, however, end like that.

We had a fantastic morning, noon and night with just us chickens at first then with my mom (Nonie), Steve (Grandpa T), my brother Matt (Uncle Matthias) and his girlfriend who I shall name Tink because I want to protect her privacy and because she also happens to love Tinkerbell.

So as not to bore you with trivialities of our lovely day, I shall give you highlights. And one amazing light show at the end.

Easter Bunny found a sneaky spot for Grayson's basket this year. Much better than the in-plain-sight-barely-behind-the-curtain stunt he pulled last year.

(Even still, didn't take him long to find it inside a table. Sheesh!)

Easter Bunny went a little easier on Abby's hiding spot.

After giving the green light to two very hyped up children, the race to find eggs was on!

Thirty seconds in and Grayson is already standing on things.

And then he got low with it.

But I was worried because he started to cover his sister's territory (low to the ground, visible) so I had to pull in the reigns.

But Abby was doing just fine by herself so I let them figure it out for themselves.

Which is a good rule of thumb in general when it comes to those two.

Yes, he did just put the egg he found in her basket without any prompting from Mommy Dearest. Sometimes I catch the magic even if the focus is completely off.

And yes, the Easter Bunny did hide an egg in the Shabbat box. He's got a very peculiar sense of humor, that Easter Bunny does.

Shortie with Tootsie pop bed hair finds a blue one!

Someone's pail runneth over.

Turns out, the favorite Easter egg was the one with the gelatinous bunny inside, who knew?

But of course one must count his loot to ensure one retained more than one's sister.

Which didn't seem to be a problem considering one's sister was distracted by a cherry lollipop early on.

And rather sadly, only wound up with half a pail of eggs.

But that was okay because they were quite hard to open anyway.

Once Pirate Grayson deemed all hidden Easter eggs to be secured and accounted for, we were nearly done.

Nearly done except for one other person (dog but only in the details), who still yet to go on her own hunt.

She was hunting for bacon strips.

She had little trouble locating them with her very own human GPS unit by her side.

Then it was off to Nonie and T's!

Grayson found his basket right away and spent the next hour or so perusing carefully.

While the other hemisphere fawned over and so enjoyed her new hair clippies.

In case you're wondering why I never do her hair. I do. I actually do this child's hair every single day. It always always comes out maybe 4 minutes later if she's distracted with, say some lipstick.

But moments later (below pic) the Abby hair emerges again...not to be restrained by silver, pink, or purple barrettes so matter what!

(Here she can be found happily playing with my mom's treasures. My mom finally got a girl who loves dolls instead of stuffed animals.)

After our delicious ham meal with full on Thanksgiving style sides (notice, no pictures taken during this time as my hands were too occupied with a fork and a glass of wine), the girls took five on the couch.

Then, it was time to color eggs with Uncle Matt and Tink!

(I totally barged in on their private dinner for two. I had to get to know this girl because my brother is crazy about her. You should've seen his little puppy lovelorn face when she walked through the door. I have to admit in all my sisterly over-protectiveness, she is a love and I can see them together for a long time.)

Abby ponies up to the bar right off the bat.

My cautious boy takes a little longer to become convinced he should commit.

But we're all glad he did. Look at that perfect blue egg. A definite prize.

And I couldn't love Abby's little funky pink and purple egg more if I laid it myself. Another prize.

The end results: cracked, glittered, and graffittied. So much fancier than when we were little. Oh, kids these days. : )

Then, unfortunately, the time came when I had to break my little girl's heart to tell her it was time to leave.

Abs gave Miss Tink a high five goodbye to soften the blow of leaving Nonie and Gpa T's house before she was ready.

Then I forced the poor dear to take a picture with the weirdo future sister-in-law. Ahem.

And finally, after kissing all human and canine faces alike goodbye, it was time to drive home.

Where I witnessed rays of sun absolutely reaching for its mother earth. It was as if the sun could not be stopped even though those bossy clouds tried. See? Good guys always win.

(If that's not an Easter sky, I don't know what is.)

Good guys and great skies always win.
But so do good girls who drive home with Bunny cake on their lap.

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