Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Grayson's sick. Fever of a 103.2 without Tylenol. Hovering around 100.5 with. Abby's not far behind him showing signs of not feeling awesome. N&P are here for the weekend (let the angels rejoice!) so although the kids are feeling punk, they are happy and warm in the wings of their grandparents.

I'm still momming and being nurse-maid but doing it in the background after stealing short respites for myself. Haven't done the things I should be: working out, buying clothes that can't also double as pjs, uploading/deleting pictures. Been mostly listening to old recordings (circa millennium) and dreaming of things I once loved like singing, live music, and Lord help me if I can't name one more thing it's been that long. Small children have a way of pressing the pause button on you for a few years...but only for a few.

I crashed out on the couch, not on purpose, for two full hours yesterday afternoon. Nam said she practically checked for a pulse, there was zero motion from under the blanket. The blanket may have been still but my mind was racing. You know the dreams you have when you're little? Indiana Jones dreams - snake pits, crossing beams, volcanic ash? That's where I was while my body rested. HayZeus it's hard to catch some rest when you're amped up and neurotic. Maybe the rain will calm my uncalmables. It always does.

How was your weekend?

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