Friday, March 25, 2011

No Sympathy

On Sunday, I got the flu.

It did this to me for 5 days.
(I checked myself into the ER on Night Two believing full hog I had to have contracted West Nile somewhere in my son's preschool. Maybe the water fountains? The elevator button? I don't know but that little devil was hiding somewhere and pounced on me like a bloodthirsty tick on a coon hound. PS: There is a funny ER story I will share with you resulting in me going to my nurse's wedding. Not really but I totally know where she's getting hitched and I'm considering crashing it because now I'm dying to see her dress.)

That's me "smiling." Grayson said, "Say Ice cream sundae pizza Sue," to get me to smile for the camera and I almost threw up on my pillow.

But I had a pretty sweet nursemaid with one dread lock who had a terrific bedside manner.

And the other orderly with a very pale face fed his sister Pop Tarts for two days while also bringing me Cheeze Its and a cupcake on his very own Spiderman plate. All that special TLC (and the fact that Nammy grew wings and flew down here in an impressive record breaking three hours to care for me and the children didn't hurt either. God bless The Nammy. She has a heart of gold and let's all pray an immune system made of machine guns.)

All that care paid off, though, because here I am....sitting up and able to eat more than Ritz crackers and Gatorade! In fact, doubt Ritz crackers or Gatorade will show up on the grocery list for years to come. And probably not Twizzlers either. Lord, what was I thinking with the Twizzlers?

Thanks for sticking by me and my blog but I would feel remiss to exclude one important factor in this whole ordeal that would not allow me to accept or deserve your sympathies.

I did not get a flu shot this winter.

And yes. I learned a valuable lesson.

Next year, I will the poster child for flu shots and probably volunteering at my local CVS to hand them out to the "too busy, I'll do it later" Moms who inconvenience a large tribe of people by becoming so sick and flat busted for about seven days.

There's even a new butt dent in my mattress.

But it's a smaller butt dent than when I was preggers so that's good news, right?

Happy Friday you guys. May the weekend be filled with health and wellness for us all.


The Palmer Family said...

Hope you're feeling better. My voice is slowly coming back. A deep chest cough has set in, but I'm hoping it will be departing soon. I'll give you a call later in the week to catch up.

Take the recovery slowly, don't do too much to soon! Feel better!


One Sided Momma said...

My OTTER! how are YOU feeling?!? i picked up the phone and called you today just to get the recording b/c it was your old house number :( sad. i will call your correct cell phone number this week. will i hear you or are you going to have to honk into the phone? i hope you're much better and am sorry to hear you got sick too. maybe it's more fun to be sick where it's sunnier? probably not but one can hope. love you and call you soon. you take it easy until then, young lady, that's an order. :) xoxo