Thursday, March 17, 2011


I found her.

I found the other mom who proclaims to be a playdate hater too.

I knew this day would come.

I found her playing with her little boy when we stopped at the park today (I should've known she'd be at a park). She stopped to ask me where I take our lab to the vet (Unbelievable...we just got back from the animal hospital, saw a new vet who is super sweet and looks a lot like Roberto from Bachelor, she'll thank me later) because her lab is neurotic and has skin issues. (I should've known she had a lab and possibly a neurotic itchy mess of one at that.)

We talked while my children bayed at me like hungry wolves to leave, play, give them sunglasses, candy, chocolate milk, and I'm pretty sure I heard Abby say money.

She never once stopped to judge me with her eyes as I explained to my wolf children about being polite and not tugging mommy's arm off with their teeth.

She even had a cool laid back edgy vibe that always makes me envision an interesting life of questionable content and great literature before she had kids. And I spied a little silver hoop earring up high on her ear that shows me she still has a voice. (I should've known she'd be pierced.)

At one point in talking with her I reached over and hugged her on the shoulders like we've been chummy for more than 12 minutes. I know, I probably have a restraining order awaiting postal delivery but still.

I found her and I hope to see her again at the park with our neurotic labs and our mutual disdain for organized children's gatherings. (Maybe she even eats raw cookie dough.)


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Jessica - This is Worthwhile said...

I so hope you'll find her again :) I know that finding a random mom you click with is almost impossible, miraculous! Which is why I like you so much - because we did just that, didn't we?

(PS: That "rental elf" comment is spam. I got it, too, but with a different "name". Assholes!)