Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When Parents Text

My fellow mommy blogging friend from My Family Gossip shared something hilarious on her Facebook page. It's a website called, When Parents Text and seriously, I haven't laughed out loud from reading texts since my husband and I caught up with each other over Instant Messaging recently:

Hubby: hi luscious
Me: hi lishis
Hubby: lady
Me: lover
Hubby: how you be?
Me: i be (whew) b/c abby did not scream herself to sleep tonight. just got her down and G is puttering in bed
Me: how u be?
Him: i'm good just finished small bowl of cereal and first cup of coffee
Him: how was rest of your day
Me: first cup ? how many a dya? u guys have a keurig over there?
Him: no keurig....i make a samll pot every morning and drink two american red cross travel cups full
Me: short version: library - 10 bks in 10 min. b/c miss I YELL EVERY SYLLABLE abigail didn't realize we weren't at a rock concert
Him: keeps me from spending money at coffee shop
Me: subway for lunch - abby thoroughly enjoyed salami/cheese sandwich
Me: G had tea. :\ no appetitie still but he's sounding much better tonight.
Him: like mommy like daughter
Him: mommy likes the...
Him: sorry
Him: miss you
Me: miss u too
Me: and your ...
Me: (chuckle)
10:36:11 PM Him: that took us two minutes to become naughty....shorter every time...

Sorry, TMI. Got it. Next time, I will make it PG-13.

Regardless, please, do yourself this favor and check out When Parents Text. If you don't get the first few (Mom - I love you but you and I aren't always technologically forward and I did not "get" the first few entries), stick with it because your payoff might be this one:

When Parents Text: Sum Luv


pajama mom said...

chills. same deal here.

ha! i just couldn't resist.

One Sided Momma said...

pj - check mate.

p.s. my mom didn't think the site was the least bit funny which makes it all the funnier to me.

Crystal D said...

I've been checking it on my phone throughout the day, just to get a quick giggle. I need giggles to keep me from going crazy this time of the year.