Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Come to This?

Late last night I lurked in a Ustream bird chat room spying on my mom. And my aunt. And a few other regulars who shall remain nameless. And you know what? It was so fun. Sure, I definitely felt guilty about lurking and not showing my avatar but guilt did not sway my decision to remain cloaked under "guest" status. Plus, I was balancing checkbook, addressing holiday cards, deleting spam by the hajillions and otherwise all over the map. Listening in gave me the freedom to be that fly on the wall without having to keep up a lively social front that just was not possible at that hour with Abigail screaming her mimies off (she goes through spells of this no matter how much lovin' arms she receives, don't worry it never lasts more than three nights of spine ringing madness). But still, I woke up this morning giggling to myself that for entertainment I spied on my mom in a bird chat room with four other people. Four other really nice people, mind you. The lady who hosts the chat makes you want to find an Eddie Bauer catalog and cuddle up to a pretty glass of eggnog. Her voice is so soothing I find myself hoping someone in the room will make her laugh one more time just so I can hear it. Then there's my mom and my aunt. Two grown women with more wit and whimsy than The View. They play off each other so beautifully that I forget these two did not exactly grow up in the same household. Laverne and Shirley. Lucy and Ethel. Thelma and Louise without the horrific death roll at the end. Such fun to see this other side to two ladies I thought I knew pretty well. Definite entertainment for me, a complete and utter house Frau that I am now hooked and might have to tune in and lurk some more tonight.


Anonymous said...

Still laughing. You are such a good writer! I think you should send this to Cal or give her the link to your blog - she would love reading this.

I'm so glad you've lowered your standards and come along with you mom and I into our newest adventure together.

Love you, Patsy

Anonymous said...

We have you now. You are one of us :) <3

One Sided Momma said...

patsy - thank you very much! i keep just missing you guys in the chat room. my sick children are really messing up my stalking agenda. love you too, merry almost christmas!

anonymomma - it was only a matter of time. xxoxo