Saturday, December 4, 2010


The kids and I went to get our Christmas tree the other day and wound up taking this little muppet version home instead. Very much like going to the pound for a Great Dane and coming home with a tea cup poodle but for some reason it felt right for us this year. We are trying to keep things simple, serene and small. Plus, our mini Christmas tree can participate in games like Charades so what's not to love.


1. Set up your game board (with your most prized possessions.)

2. Invite Player Number Two

3. Begin Charades.

4. Player One starts right in.

Is it a.... WWF wrestler? Mister Myagi? Good Will Hunting? It's not your fault, son, it's not your fault.

5. Player Two takes a Turn -

Is it a movie?

Sounds like....

Player Two helps.

Raging Bull? Deniro? Fight Club? Dark Spidey?

All right! Player One & Two celebrate their win.

6. Player One takes another turn -

(It's a movie again. A very long movie.)

Night of the Living Dead?

Planet of the Apes?

The Sound of Music?

Wait, don't leave... I got it!

The Great Flood of '63?

"What's she talking about?"

"I haven't the foggiest. Maybe she'll go away if we ignore her."

Game Over.

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LOLOLOL!!! <3 <3