Monday, May 3, 2010

A Taste of Summer

Yesterday reminded us all that summer isn't really here yet; spring is still predominantly the one in charge. Yesterday we all got a taste of the kind of humidity that only the DC area can conjure up. It's swamp without cajun jambalaya or the French Quarter. It's sticky without the ocean air to add the salt. It's hot asphalt, steamy armpits and stale air that needs to be chewed instead of inhaled.

We're joining the neighborhood pool this year and I'm guessing that will be our lifeline through June, July, and August. We'll be able to walk from our house so if you're ever looking for us on a hot summer day, this is probably what we'll look like.

Add to this a tall pear-shaped woman with multiple canvas bags of towels, sunscreen and magazines she'll never read. Poor Sadie is the only one who won't be able to join us. We'll make sure she gets herself some pool time too because she dearly loves the water.


It's important for everyone's sanity to stay cool, hydrated and silly.

Silly's really key.


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pajama mom said...

i wanna pinch those legs!
a's not s's,
although the doggie legs
are cute too. :)

One Sided Momma said...

hey pj, check it out, i got spammed! must mean i've really arrived. or maybe i should recheck my privacy settings.

pajama mom said...