Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunny Skies with a Few Rainshowers Possible

There's this friend I have back home..  She's my people.  We'll call her Vee. 

Vee's different from most women I know.  She says the F word.  So do I.  From the moment I met her, she seemed safe.  Like it was a waste of her time to know if my kids ate kale or wonder why I had on the same ratty cargo pants whenever we'd see each other. She asked questions about my life before kids like she knew that was the secret to owning my heart.  It is.  You can always tell if someone values their time with you if they ask you questions that show your guts when you answer.  

Vee's kind but not pushover schmaltzy.  She's crazy smart but not a bit precocious about it.  Vee's eyes tighten when she listens.  She's safe for me because I tend to over think a conversation before it even begins. Vee never lets me end a sentence in "but whatever," because she can tell whatever is important enough to solve.

I miss Vee.  It was a mean trick to play on a vagabond sap to rip me away from her accepting air a few short months after being surrounded by it.  We had so much more wine to go.  

But Vee doesn't wallow.  She is a strong working mom who has crafted a creatively-driven life for herself that I admire and aspire for myself.  Vee knows I'm sad to be new again but she urges me to fly.  She allows me tears to grieve but texts me pep talks on Fat Tuesday and names of venues I am not to miss if I care anything about my musical soul.  I do.  She figured as much.

Women are tricky.  I don't readily find many safe to walk next to, drink with, or borrow their dresses.  Bonding doesn't come around a lot because I'm a strange energy field repelling and attracting simultaneously.  Please do come in.  I'll be leaving soon.

The funny thing is Vee and I don't even know each other's middle name.  We are just as much strangers as we are sisterfriends.  Maybe that's the only way this thing works.  Give it your all but take an umbrella.

I miss Vee's air and the way I felt beautiful in it.

I'm so ugly all over again but I'm hoping it won't last long.



A Speckled Trout said...

I am a frequent ef bomb dropper, too. I have a friend like your Vee. We rarely get to see each other but when we do we don't miss a beat. And we drop lots of ef bombs while we drink wine and laugh.

I am crazy about her and BONUS....our husbands get along smashingly.

Dawnges said...

Dear OSMA,
I've not been by here for a long time and just spent a while catching up on your words and your life. Beautiful. Life-giving...

Thank you, Virtual Friend.

OSMA said...

SpeckT - The older I get, the more I realize those people only come around once. All the more reason to cherish them the way we do xoxo

Dawnges, Welcome back! I'm so grateful you stopped by to leave a comment. And I need to tell you that your comment is affirming for me bc I was hitting a slump and feeling less and less like writing. Just a nice word breathes inspiration so I thank you, Virtual Friend. Hope you very well.

Andrea Mowery said...

I think that when you find a friend like your Vee, it is a gift that you have forever. Not all of us receive one, though. Most times it's because we haven't allowed ourselves to be open to such a close relationship.

Wonderful tribute to your important friend. I hope she reads this! :)