Monday, February 24, 2014

Remember Me

There are napkins, tattered pieces of white paper, and a few Post-Its all over this house with conversations scribbled on them so I don't forget. So I don't forget the sweetness with which the words were spoken or mispronounced. So I don't forget the untouchable flat pan humor my husband gives like no other.  So I can remember the goods, man.  It occurred to me this morning I could put them here.  Hope you enjoy, too.

Time off
Grayson (at bedtime curling):  Mommy?  Do you get any days off of work when you're a big person?
Me:  Yes.  When you're big like Daddy you will have earned lots of days off.  Like three weeks!
Grayson:  No.  I mean something else.  Like, do you get to take off for a birthday party if you're a register person?
Me:  You mean for the entire day or leave early?
Grayson:  I mean the entire day for my kid's birthday.
Me:  Yes, you will, Baby.  And he will be a very lucky kid to have a daddy like you.

Funny Bones
Abby:  Mommy?  It's so funny that your legs are always cold and mine are always hot.  And my arms are always hot and yours are always cold.  We have VERY different sensitive humors.

Do it Again
Grayson:  Do you think we get to be born again after we die?
Me:  I don't know what happens.  It would be pretty cool if we did get to do it over again though, wouldn't it?
Grayson:  Yeah. *thoughtful pause*  We're gonna have to be sad to leave Virginia again.  We're gonna have to move into a big empty house again.  I'm gonna get a Kindle...I can't wait for that part.

It's Greek to Him
Me:  I'm sorry I've been a little PMSy all week.
Andy:  It's ok.  I know why.
Me:  Yeah.  Sucks that now it hits two weeks early.
Andy:  I have another week of this!?
Me:  *cold, dead, silent stare*
Andy:  Want some olives?

Just Alike but Not Exactly
Grayson:  Mom?  Daddy says I'm more like your side.
Me:  My side?
Grayson:  Yeah.  Tall and our feet are the same.
Me:  Well, we are tall on my side.
Grayson:  Yeah, like Uncle Matt!
Me:  Yes, and Uncle Eric!  But not Uncle Jimmy.  He was a tall personality in a short body.
Grayson:  But he loved sports and I love sports!
Me:  Yes.  My side does love some sports.
Grayson:  And I am quiet and slow.  You and me, we're quiet and slower than Abby and Daddy.
Me:  We are, aren't we?  We are quiet, slow, but very steady.
Grayson:  Well, I am steady.  You yell sometimes.

Bunk Beds:
Abby:  Mommy!  When we visit Nammy and Pop, can I sleep on the TOP bunk this time?
Me:  Yes,  you can.  Wait.  Nammy and Pop don't have bunk beds.  That was the vacation house.
Abby:  What.
Me:  The bunk beds are in  the vacation house in New York, Honey.
Abby:  OhmyGod.  Nammy and Pop didn't even tell us they moved!!


A Speckled Trout said...

Oh, I wished when my kids were little I wrote more of this stuff down. Lucky, talented blogger you are surrounded by witty people.

Olives???? Haven't had a period in over ten years but I still go for them when I'm in a pissy way.

tiffany said...

Hey, I have a question I wanted to ask you regarding your blog. If you could send me an email when you get this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

Andrea Mowery said...

You are so smart to have written these conversations down. I got nothing. "Sensitive humors" - cute.

OSMA said...

Thank you, Ladies. I wish I had been keeping better track but we do the best we can given the daily tornadoes, fires, spider webs, and occasional volcanic eruptions we experience. This parenting thing is dramatic business. :)