Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Norovirus 2013

You guys.  I am just now recovering from the violent storm that could only be the Norovirus.  It hit me like a freight train Friday morning.  I was out of commish.  The worst of it lasted two days but the aftershock remains.  Picking up the pieces from tag team parenting (I, from my bed), I made some discoveries along the way. 

Here's what the Norovirus of 2013 brought this year:
  • Dust bunnies
  • Kids bathing in the same tub the dogs had just bathed in (before bleaching).
  • Pheasant stew
  • Sliding doors left wide open, all night long
  • Fruit strip wrappers.  Everywhere.
  • Bagel crumbs.  All over.
  • Caffeine buzz from all the Coke and Sprite
  • Nice numbers on the scale.  For one day.
  • A missed audition
  • A missed buddy's birthday celebration (although I did send Andy)
  • 48 hours of love letters from my worried little girl
  • Little check-in hugs from my not-so-worried little boy
  • Dreams so real it was a disappointment to wake up
  • Andy "making" a ballerina bun with his big man paws
  • Gatorade stains
  • Ad lib dance performances
  • Shahs of Sunset
  • The Night Circus
  • Jewel, Frank Ocean, The Lumineers, and lost dog reunions (??) on YouTube
  • Chutes & Ladders, Go-Spidey, and card games on my bed
  • Baskets of super wrinkly clean laundry
  • Window gazing:  Our red cardinal is the only one who doesn't move much when Sparrow shoots toward the backyard birds like an arrow.  This cardinal hops up on the fence, watches the mayhem of twenty birds panicking and hops down to his breakfast bar once the dust clears.
  • Glorious, healing, bountiful sleep
  • FaceTime visits with my mom
  • Marathon Project Runway viewing
  • Chance to catch Downton Abbey and see what all the buzz is about
  • New love and appreciation for an energetic, healthy, able-bodied partner
  • New love and appreciation for an energetic, healthy, able-bodied me...five days later
I'm back, you guys.  And almost ready to eat real food.

This Norovirus of '13 is a beast.  I sincerely hope it doesn't make its way to your body.  But if it does?  Sprite or Coke for the first 12 hrs, Saltines, water, and serious bed dwelling after that is the only remedy.

I wouldn't recommend the pheasant stew, right away.


Turn on some shows you've been wanting to catch and leave your blinds open for sunbathing and bird watching.  And if you're a Shah's fan?  Let me know if you think Asa's diamond water is worth a sip.


The Palmer Family said...

Glad you're feeling better. I got the Norovirus after Luke was born. It was a dagger! Hope Andy and the kids don't get it. Take good care of yourself. We'll have to FaceTime or Skype sometime. That would be fun. I've been thinking about you. We were out to dinner Saturday night, and some 80s song came on and I thought of you. It wasn't a "special song", but it transported me back to 1985. It made me think of you, my color block Swatch and my old bedroom! Good times! I've been listening to 80s Pop Pandora ever since.

Love you,

Anna See said...

Ack!!!! So glad you are on the mend!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling very Noro-ish just looking at the stew..... lol <3 <3

Holly Andrews said...

Glad you are on the mend Momma!!