Sunday, February 24, 2013


I might be late to the Emile Sande party but I'm in love with her voice.

Of course I listened to all the videos I could find of her and the grainiest one is my favorite. It took 11 seconds before the goosebumps rippled across my arms like an electric nudge. That might be a record.

This song. This song just rips my heart out or puts it back in and makes me want to play my guitar, tune my piano and keep my 5 Below headphones locked over my ears with her voice in there all day long making me...

...this song.

Just listen and try not to be spiked with goosebumps once you catch those kids looking at her.

Emile Sande sings Clown.

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ReneeK said...

I'm OBSESSSED with Next to Me, definitely have to check out your suggestion! Thanks!