Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Temple of Doom

I'm still here. Been crazy on the east coast and in our little microcosm world too.

Will spend more time explaining when I'm not posting from the carline for kindergarten pickup.

Short version: I ran a 5k with my brother, Matt two weeks ago. Andy ran the Marine Corps marathon the day Hurricane Sandy hit MD, VA & DC. He completed the race in a superhuman time (3 hrs and 36 min, I think.) and did not even require a soak in a tub afterward.

Sandy grounded us for a few days, took electric from many of my family members in MD and NY and tons of friends all up the east coast. Some are still (unfathomably) without power.

Then, as our USMC Curse would have it (will link later) all poop ricocheted from the fan:

Yesterday morning Andy picked up Grayson from a dead lift and felt a ping in his lower back. A few minutes later I was attempting to piggyback my 180lb Marine down the hall and down a stairwell to get him to the doctor because the pain was excruciating for him.

Once we made it to the stairwell, I stared down those ten little carpeted steps like they had man-eating hela monsters lapping up at us. It wasn't happening, I couldn't get my husband out of the house.

An ambulance ride, multiple morphine drips, and an overnight stint in the ER later, he is back home on a heating pad with lots of "special" Tylenol. Thank goodness that's over with. He is hurting but he is home.

I am relieved but I am also completely bushwhacked. SO very glad Andy's back is "just a sprain" but simply pooped from schlepping kids, worrying my ass off, making sure dogs did business NOT on our mattress (Sparrow aimed at my pillows last time as her love note to me.) and finding my van in the new parking lot approximately three states away from the ER. The lady at the info desk literally hands you a map of directions, or a treasure map as I called it, and you then hop elevators, slide down escalators, and jump on hayrides through endless corridors until you find The Temple of Doom. Or your husband, whichever is closest.

Ok, time to go. Grayson and I are about to go drop off a wagon we sold on Craigslist at a local Starbucks because I needed to add one more thing to this already car riddled day.

Tell me your story. I'm getting a bit tired of mine.

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