Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Today is a big day.

 In a little while I take Grayson to see a specialist about the migraines he's been having. All those "24 hour flu bugs" I thought he was having since the summer? Not flu bugs. All migraines. He has been vomiting from the pain in his head. I feel like a world class idiot for not seeing it before.

 He had a monster episode this past Saturday that finally had me putting the pieces of the past few months "illnesses" together.

This one.  I can hardly stand it.

Saturday's migraine was so bad all I could do was hold him in my lap to keep his fists from punching his own forehead. He was crying in hysterics so hard that I was having a hard time keeping my own composure.

Many times he begged me, anyone to make it better.  He said he wasn't going to live through the pain. An hour later, I was actually starting to worry about this myself as I was watching the pain climb and explode in his head instead of recede from the medicine we gave him.

Finally, when he (literally) passed out twice in my arms and woke up in agony, clawing at his forehead again, I got up to call the emergency line. He sat up to projectile vomit. Like the exorcist. Everywhere.

 "I barfed," is all he could say after it was over.

"Holy shit" is all I could say after seeing a waterfall shoot out of my son's body.

By the time I got him to his pediatrician that night things had not settled down. He had scratch marks all over his forehead from trying to claw out the pain by hand.

His pediatrician examined him for a total of 6 minutes.  He confirmed it was in fact a migraine and asked him a few questions.  Then he left the room and returned with a sheet of Pediatric Neurologists.  "Make an appointment for him this week.  Next week at the latest."  I completely fainted in my mind but just nodded and said, yessir, in real life.  Then, he told me to keep Grayson in the dark, no stimulation whatsoever, no lights, nothing...all quiet.  He said the only relief will come when he could fall into a deep sleep after the migraine episode was over.

I picked all four feet of him up in my arms and carried him out to the car.  He was still writhing and crying in pain.  I shook my fist at the sky and cursed myself for letting him get so bad off.

He projectile vomited on the way home.

"What happened? Where are we going?" he asked me and then my own panic set in. I drove past the speed limit to get my baby home and in bed.

Finally, 8 hours AFTER the migraine started, Grayson fell into a deep sleep on our bed and didn't budge all night long. I know because I was staring at him all night. Pale green face and dark circles under his eyes. The whole thing was too intense.

He woke up the next morning happy, like we didn't just experience The Exorcist in our living room the night before.

Because I only work at the speed of Mach 3, I threw out every single piece of crap food in our house containing chemicals, preservatives, or dye.  None of it belongs in my kids' developing bodies.  None of it is going to poison my family any more.  Frozen waffles?  In the garbage.  Pop Tarts?  Deep sixed pronto. 

Then we went to MOM's organic market and spent $120.00 on three bags of groceries.

"We have to figure out a better plan," was all Andy said to his crazy wife who thinks she is going to organic her way out of her son's pain.

So today, we are going to see one of those blessed pediatric neurologists to find out what is up. Please don't ask me what I had to do to get an appointment this week. The waitlist started in January.  I will deny any and all accusations of Starbucks gift cards and sweet talking the receptionist.

The other important meeting is going on right now. Andy meets with the monitor who is the person in charge of our lives. Or at least where we live our lives after next summer. And no, despite how much fun it is to picture a four-legged creepy desert monitor with a long wippy tongue, it's just a dude in camouflage sitting at a desk. Nobody really ever wants that job, monitor. How awesome can it be to figure out exactly where 2352413498760946 Marines make the perfect fit elsewhere in the world?

 Let's just say I'm glad I gave up the caffeine. Cause today would be a three pot kinda day. Please feel free to comment and tell me to calm the freak down. I will be obsessively checking FB, Twitter, and everything else in the waiting room while at the doctor's office. That is, if Abby isn't feeling salty. I love you guys. Thank you for being a friend. (P.S. I special love you, Otter. This card is coming with me today as my good luck charm. My treasure. xoxoxo)


A Speckled Trout said...

Well, my dear, I will think of you and your sweet boy all day. I can practically projectile vomit at the sound of "pediatric neurologist." You know that saying.........bravery is sometimes putting one foot in front of the other. I'll help you lift your foot from afar. Much love and prayers............

ReneeK said...

First and foremost, I am so sorry to read this about Grayson. Hopefully you will get some answers today! I have nothing helpful to say other than I will be thinking about you guys and hoping for the best!

In other news, I've been reading your blog for a few months now and this is actually my first comment on ANY blog EVER. I thought about commenting on your last post just because I think you totally rocked the purple :) And has anyone told you how perfect your skin is?!?! Jealous! Anyway, that is insignificant now that you are dealing with a sick little boy but I thought it might make you smile.

I'll be looking forward to an update after your appointment!

The Palmer Family said...

Yikes! Very scary stuff. Hope the doctor can help G. Migraines are awful. And especially to a little guy who can't understand what's going on (and his family too). Good luck today. I'll be praying for you all. I'll be calling soon to see how it goes.

Love you always!!


Blythe said...

I have nothing insightful or helpful to write but I'm hoping the green garbage can came in handy again:) Seriously, I'm sorry you are going through this with your baby boy. I hope the neurologist can help give Grayson some relief. Good luck and nice work getting the appointment so fast. I'm impressed!

Unknown said...

Oh, how scary! I hope the specialist is very thorough and is able to give your sweet boy relief. Praying and looking forward to getting an update. <3

OSMA said...

A Speck T, thank you so much for helping me get through Tuesday. It was THE longest day I've had in a long while. I took wrong turns everywhere I went which is starting to feel like some scary theme lately. Need me a new GPS, inside and out :)

ReneeK, Thank you so much for coming back here to read and especially for leaving a comment. I am so honored you did it here :) (Btw, I'm the worst offender of not commenting. I lurk and emote in my head and seldom leave comments bc it takes forever to get my public thoughts coherent on someone else's page. I get it.) Also? You are the sweetest for saying I don't really look like grape jelly and also for not saying I could use a serious tan. I appreciate your sweetness and it does light years in making a frumpy me feel less so today. I'm working on the sick boy update now, thanks for being here.

My Otter, thanks amiga. Migraines are awful but I am hoping relief is on its way. I will update you telephonically today if i can busy up Abby for 15 min. xoxo

Blythe, you really knew what you were doing w/that garbage bin. The gift that keep giving ;) I undid any suave I had w/getting appt. by MISSING the appt. :( Thanks for being here. xoxo

"Unknown" It didn't go as hoped but at least it went. It's a start on what we will be tracking closely with other doctors. Thanks for being here. xoxo