Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty in the Weeds

Skipped the gym this morning in favor of coming home to walk both dogs.

How do I forget (every day) this never works out.  I cannot walk two dogs.  I can stop, start, lurch backward, skitter forward until my brain becomes a roiling kettle of pissed offness.  That, I can do.

Sadie doesn't even go on a leash anymore because she is perfect knows her parameters but she does push her limits often by trotting up driveways and into open garage doors if I'm not looking at her every second.

Sparrow takes a different approach to walking.  She attempts to thunder off into the great unknown by way of ripping my shoulder blade out of its socket.  Sister is strong too so has almost gotten her wish a few times over.

So, there I this morning with my Nikon lens strapped in my front like a third boob, three poop bags shoved into my pocket, and naive optimism in my step.

A few houses into our walk, I see this:

An Autumn Ombre Tree!
 (Can you see something else?  Don't worry, I had plenty of bags.)

What Sparrow sees is an opportunity:

Now, the time is now.  Pull it out, pull the stuck thing until I am free.  Keeeep pulllingggg....keeep pulllinnggg...

"Sparrow!  Stop!  Sparrow, Ow!  Sparrow, NO!"

Great, now I have to start all over.  Food Lady all upset about her imaginary bird again.  She is such a weirdo.

And so on.

The few pics captured I thought would probably reflect my mood:  ugly, out of focus, and rotten.

What I saw, however, when reviewing the images were little glimmers of pretty inside the mess.



Today, I celebrate beauty found in the weeds.  Even if there are lots and lots of weeds.  Grrrr....


Anna See said...

i love your photos! shadow hasn't had a walk in a long while. i can't find her special prong collar, and she'll pull me down otherwise.

OSMA said...

Thank you for liking those little pitiful pics, Anna. I was pleasantly surprised w/some even w/Sparrow yanking out my scapula. :) We once had one of those prong collars for Sadie, in her younger leash law abiding years. They really do work.