Monday, August 12, 2013

My Something

Me:  Sorry I was so out of it tonight, Bud. 

Grayson:  You mean because you were all pink-face, Mommy?  You still are pink-face, what's wrong with you Mommy?

Me:  It's the usual, Honey.  You know...

Grayson:  I already know (He admits as he brings my face close to his on his pillow, pushes his velvety little hands through my hair, and finishes off the sentiment with love pats.)  Uncle Jimmy, right? 

Me:  Bingo.

Grayson:  Ok, Mommy.  But you forgot something.

Me:  I forget a lot of somethings.

Grayson:  There are two Uncle Jimmys. 

Me:  There are?  Well then where in Simon Says is the second one hiding?  In the closet?  (Grayson told me a while back he thinks Jimmy is hiding in a closet somewhere.  Abby added that yes he is hiding in there with Tillie.)

Grayson:  No, the second one is not in the closet.  He's right here in open air.  You are tucking him into bed right now.  It's me.  I am your second Uncle Jimmy.

Me:  Oh, Baby.  If anyone could be, it would be you.


A Speckled Trout said...

Still waters.......So intuitive that child. Sorry the struggle continues.

OSMA said...

SpeckT - Yes, good word for him. Quirky in a 6yo but very much him. I just want to have a bigass bonfire/party for Jimmy to drink with the moon and then maybe I can have some peace. But just some. It will be good to feel uneasy here until I see him again...I'll never ease into complacency. xoxo