Thursday, June 6, 2013


boxes stacked, leaning in, waiting
for me to believe in them
and trust they are not here to take away
but to give back
our home to us
on new ground,
green and ripe with choices,
new love,
primal aches for comfort
far away
from here

no longer next door
an hour down the street

our backyard with the bald spot on the lawn that isn't

ours anymore
And Jesus God please someone look after Mr. Jack and his wife. 

soon, we will unpack there
to find our home again,
hoping you really can
take it with you
while at the same time knowing
[with hearts sewn, twined, cross-stitched, frayed, stretching]
we are
leaving a lifetime behind.


Adrienne Kerman said...

Best of luck to you and your family as you head towards all the wonderful adventures waiting for you over the bend.

A Speckled Trout said...

I hate moving for every reason you wrote, but in the three moves we've made in thirty years, each place has been better than what we left. Not that it didn't take forever to get there in my stubborn head. Tonight the first friend I made in MD 26 years ago is coming to KC with her cutie husband and we will catch up and laugh over dinner. Trust follows you wherever you go.

OSMA said...

Adrienne, thank you for your well wishes and for taking time to leave a comment. It is beginning to feel like an adventure. Once we arrive, I will write all about it. You have a beautiful blog and a new follower in me. :)

SpeckT, your last line gave me chills. I so hope you're right, I think you might be. How was dinner with your old friend? Trying to convince a few good buddies here to visit me too. Might have to throw in swamp tour with the Duck Dynasty boys to get any bites :) Love you, SpeckT