Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cutie Booty

Abby has taken a real liking to my mom's old classical guitar.

She walks around with it, strumming slowly and plucking nylon strings that have far too much give in them.  When she doesn't know I'm listening, I can catch her humming or singing her own song.

"I absolutely have stage fright," she proclaims if I ruin things with eye contact.  "I understand, little one.  I will go in another room."  And I do but still I listen to that little voice humming until her voice breaks out with lyrics important to a four year old heart.

"I will lo-o-o-o-ve you Cutie Boooty until the day I di-i-i-i-e."

Cutie Booty is what she calls our black lab, Sparrow.  Abby is mildly to severely to troublingly obsessed with Cutie Booty. 

Then I hear it.  I hear Abby's sweet voice elongate into a soft vibrato.  "Will you l-o-o-o-ve me forever Cutie Booty, tooooooooooo?"

Every single time I try to record her, she gets "absolute stage fright" and won't perform.  I happen to know what this is like so I won't force her. 

But I will keep asking.

Here is Abby's Debut:  Cutie Booty Runs Away - Take 1


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan! <3 <3 :)

OSMA said...

Thank you, Little Two Hearts :) Now you carry one for each of you. xoxoxo